Kaptajn Kaper - Java Applet version

Original game by P.O.Frederiksen - Java Applet version by Rune P. Olsen

TODO list - future development

  • Support for sound
    (.au testet which has very bad quality - anyone got a better idea?)
  • Check if alert beeps is used all the correct places in game
  • Online hiscore list
  • Fix animations in the shooting scene
    (which is not true to the original game)
  • Implement visual XOR when graphics overlap
    (I think it were standard in BASIC to XOR overlapping graphics due to the limitations of CGA)
  • Fix City/Map/Help error
    (While on the map and ship placed on a city, using the help menues will wrongly return you to the city instead of the map)
  • JAR file for download to play offline
  • Refactoring of code
    • Easier placing of text on screen (maybe text maps can be used)
    • General cleanup of code to prepare going open source
    • Pixelhunting (not all graphics is placed precisely as in the original game)

For comments, questions and good ideas please write to me at rpo(at)easyflow(dot)dk.

Last updated for v1.20 (2008-04-10) by Rune P. Olsen