Kaptajn Kaper - Java Applet version

Original game by P.O.Frederiksen - Java Applet version by Rune P. Olsen

Observations during development

  • It is very difficult to die if you play a game where you attack all enemies by boarding (also Troop carriers) and sink them afterwards. Try for yourself - attack everything, no matter who and when. You will most likely have between 20-50 men during most of the game and you easily get enough grain from enemies to survive - so you don't need to visit cities either.
  • FIXED - When boarding an enemy it visually looks like the minimum number of men the enemy can loose per turn is 7. Actually the game subtracts the correct number of lost men from the enemy, but on screen it always states at least 7 lost men.
  • FIXED - When boarding an enemy the ship animation will only show if player earlier in the game has been shooting at an enemy.
  • FIXED - In cities you can buy a negative number of all resources. Besides this there is no lower checks in the game (only upper checks) - it is therefore possible to sail into a city, buy -200 cannons when the price is high, go into the city again, and then buy 200 cannons when the price is low. By doing this you can easily earn 10.000-20.000 taels in a minute.
  • FIXED - When sailing into a city you often won't loose reparation points when hitting other ships. This is because the original game test for changes in the screen color and some parts of the other ships are the same color as the background.
  • When in cities the three function keys are shown (F1, F2 and ESC) even though only F1 is active.
  • Alert beeps is used several places in the game even when sound is turned off.
  • Help menu sounds is played even when sound is turned off.
  • From version 4 to version 5 of the original game the width of the harbor entrance has been made wider. This Java version has uses the width from version 5.
  • Your ship can sink from the weight of your men even when in Copenhagen and just received your prize men/money. This is of course not a real error - but it is very confusing for the player to sink when your men is not on board the ship. It would have been more appropiate to sink when trying to leave the city with too many men - or is it just me?

Question: Should the Java version fix all or none of the real game errors?

For comments, questions and own observations write to me at rpo(at)easyflow(dot)dk.

Last updated for v1.20 (2008-04-10) by Rune P. Olsen