Kaptajn Kaper - Java Applet version

Original game by P.O.Frederiksen - Java Applet version by Rune P. Olsen

History of the Java Applet version of Kaptajn Kaper

As a long time fan of Kaptajn Kaper I have thought of making a "modern" version of the game for many years.

It was one of the first games which really got me hooked on gaming. In the eighties I played the game a countless number of hours, but slowly other games took over. Until recently I thought the game was "lost" and only existing in the memory of gamers from the early eighties.

One day I accidently stumbled upon the source code on www.kaptajnkaper.dk. Originally my idea was to find the ol' floppy somewhere in my belongings, somehow get the game up and running, take the necessary screenshots and disassembling the binary to observe the game logic. With the source code in hand things got A LOT easier.

It has been a lot of fun developing the Applet version of the game: First of all because it has been pure nostalgia using a considerable amount of hours playing the original game and testing it up against the Applet version. But also because reading through the source code has giving me a lot of surprises on how the game actually works behind the scene.

I must admit that I am positively surprised on how many details there are in the game (especially in the shooting scene) - I always thought the game was a lot simpler (and something I could finish redevelop within a weekend).

Thanks to P.O.Frederiksen for a great game and many nights with too little sleep. I hope you all will have as much fun with this Applet version as I had with the original one.

For comments and questions please write to me at rpo(at)easyflow(dot)dk.

Last updated:  2008-03-31 by Rune P. Olsen